If you are tired of how dead your local Adventist church is and want to do something about it, then you have come to the right place.

At the age of 14, I was ready to leave church. So were my friends. For us, church was irrelevant at best, and a colossal waste of time at worst.

Nearly two decades have passed. I am now a full time Adventist pastor (yes, God has a sense of humour) serving with two amazing churches. (You can check us out below) And our drive is simple: we want to build the kingdom of God. We don’t want to just go through the same old motions of traditional church life. We want to transform communities.

Sadly, data shows that most local SDA churches are barely existing. Even when we grow, we hardly keep the very people we worked so hard to reach. For example:

In 2013 the Adventist church held its first ever member retention summit. The results were sobering. The data revealed that from 1960 onward 30 percent or 1 in 3 people were leaving the church after being baptized, in less than 3 years. The precise ratio was 43 people lost for every 100 converts.
— Adrian Zahid, The Compass Magazine


If you are here, chances are your church is one of the above. Barely existing, haemorrhaging members and repeating the same old hum drum week after week. But I want you to know there is hope. Your church can change. It can come alive.

Using my experience as a millennial Adventist, former Army sergeant and now full time pastor, The Story Church Project offers a simple, practical and unique approach to reviving every local SDA church on the planet. This vision is met by focusing on two simple things: the story we have been called to tell and redesigning our local church structure to tell that story loud.

There is no easy solution. But there is a simple one.

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* To take a sneak peak at the churches I am serving with, click here and here.