The One Thing I Would Change About Church with Jessica Shipton

A few weeks ago, I asked Jessica Shipton - an Adventist millennial and host of the Smile Without Reason blog - to share the one thing she would change about church.

Because Jess represents the one demographic local churches struggle to retain, I wanted to know!

Her answer totally blew me away.

Not only was there depth to what she had to say, there was also power in what she did not say. When elaborating on the one thing she would change about the church, this Adventist millennial said nothing about how fun church is, how cool the band is or how hip the pastor dresses. Instead, she opened up her heart, dug real deep and shared something that I believe represents what most Adventist young people today are thinking.

I am confident that if we pay attention to what Jess shares and implement it in our local churches, we can change our culture from one that loses young people, to one that attracts them.

So what is the one thing this Adventist millennial would change about the church? And how can I implement this in my church?

Check out the latest podcast interview to find out!

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