Colonialism, Costumes & Compliance: A Millennial Take on Annual Council with Pastor Nelson Fernandez

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The biggest talk in Adventist town right now is Annual Council 2018.

Seriously, head over to the Adventist Review, Spectrum Magazine or Adventist Today and among their latest articles you will see multiple posts dedicated to what took place at this often boring event.

And in case you need a quick snippet to pike your interest, the main topic of the event was “What does the GC do about non-compliant Unions who go against a world vote?” (in this case, its obvious the topic is Womens Ordination). The proposal was to approve a new compliance document which gives the GC more power to enforce compliance in the world church. As you can imagine, this was pretty controversial.

Now if you have no clue what the Womens Ordination debate in the SDA church is about, then seriously, you may have landed on the wrong blog.

Anyways, that’s basically the main theme of this years annual council. Its controversial. People are mad about it. And some have even hinted at a possible split in the church.

So I decided to do something out of the blue.

I called my friend and host of pastor Nelson Fernandez and had a conversation with him about all the craziness of Annual Council this year and we recorded the whole thing!

We discussed:

  • Some of the key happenings including the “lets dress up like our pioneers” thing (yeah they did that beards and all)

  • Colonialism, Euro-centrism and irrelevance at the local church level

  • The controversial compliance document

  • Plus, what do these things mean for the local church?

All this from the perspective of two millennial pastors (that’s us) who love their church and want to see it thrive.

Check out the episode below and let us know what you think!