Is There a Future for the Local Adventist Church?

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Is there a future for the local Adventist church?

That is the topic of this weeks latest podcast interview with pastor Matthew Hunter. We talk about the challenges local Adventist churches face today, the opportunities that we have and we even dive into the art behind growing a sick beard and should Adventists learn from non-Adventists?

Below are some summary quotes from the interview to entice you ;)

Pastor Matthew Hunter

Pastor Matthew Hunter

What we have now is so antiquated and disconnected from our communities. We have to start deconstructing our idea of church, and rebuilding it through the lens of mission.

The big thing we have to ask ourselves is, what is our ultimate purpose?

How intentionally tailored is our church gathering for reaching the lost?

Who are we doing what we are doing for? For us? Or for others?

Jesus tells us what to do, but not how to do it. That part is up to us. We need to use our creativity to reach the world.

The biggest obstacle to church plants today is the cost of real estate. But what if there was a way to reach our communities without ever having to buy a fancy building?

Watch the “We are Church” documentary here:

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