It's Time to Burn Adventism with Josh & Jesse (Burn the Haystack)

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Have you ever looked at the message of Adventism and thought - man this is beautiful - only to be turned off by the culture and tradition that surrounds the message?

Me too.

So I have concluded that its time to put Adventism to the flame… and burn it.

Fire, in scripture, has a disinfecting role to it. It destroys yes, but it also cleans. And I believe that as a church we are in need of a disinfecting fire. An experience that can kill the parts of us that damage our missional capacity and leave us with a simple, uncluttered faith capable of fulfilling the call God has placed on us.

And it is in that sense that I say, its time to burn Adventism.

Burn the negative attitudes.

Burn the legalism.

Burn the often idolatrous commitment to traditions.

And may all that remains be a story of God’s heart that invades the culture.

That is what this weeks podcast interview is all about! I sat down with the hosts of Adventist podcast “Burn the Haystack” and we discussed:

What is it in Adventism that needs to burn?

What is it that needs to stay?

And what does the end result look like?

Join us for this weeks featured podcast as we discuss these hot questions on our journey toward an Adventism that is less about us and more about Jesus.

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