How to Heal a Fanatical Church

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Have you ever been to a fanatical church?

Are you in a fanatical church now?

Fanaticism is defined as that state of being "filled with excessive and single-minded zeal" or "obsessively concerned with something".

In the church context, fanaticism often presents itself as an excessive or obsessive focus on a particular doctrinal point, cultural expression or logistical function. To put it in plan English, fanaticism in the local church often looks like "believe exactly as I do or you are a heretic", "do it the way I like or you are a deceiver" and "I have the power here. Don't threaten it."

If these were isolated and meaningless experiences, then it would be no big deal. But, sadly, many times fanaticism hijacks a church and the results are devastating to its mission. In his article "Handling Extremism and Fanaticism in the Local Church" Pastor John E. Tumpkin captured this truth perfectly when he wrote,

Extremsim [sic] and fanaticism are not uncommon in the local church. Left untreated, they can quickly spread in the body of Christ and destroy that body’s vision, mission, and unity.
— John E. Tumpkin

So what can you do to heal a fanatical church if you are in one or headed towards one? Is there a process or method that can help progressively heal that church? 

I am happy to announce today that the answer is yes. And while not all pastors are cut out for this challenge (different personalities etc.) those who are able to take on the ugliness of a fanatical church will glean lots of hope from this months new Podcast episode, "How to Heal A Fanatical Church".

In this episode I interview Western Australian pastor Robert Stankovic on his experience with fanatical churches and how he overcame those challenges and brought healing. A must hear for both pastors and church members!

So if you have ever been in a fanatical church or are headed towards one, you don't want to miss "How to Heal a Fanatical Church" with pastor Robert Stankovic. Not only does he share some great wisdom for pastors, but also for church members (who have the most power when it comes to eliminating fanaticism in their church). You can listen directly below:

For those who would like to contact pastor Robert, you can email him at


  1. Have you ever been in (or currently attend) a church hijacked by fanaticism? Share your story below!

  2. What advice or wisdom would you offer to pastors and members on how they can heal their church from fanaticism and extremism?

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