The Story Church Project is Here!

why adventism (1) Cropped.jpg

Hey there story-tellers!

After a few weeks of editing, redesigning, simplifying and re-branding has officially been laid to rest and in its place I present to you,!

Yes, that was an uber dramatic intro but hey, I'm American and Latin - drama is in my blood. ;)

So what can you expect out of this new project? 

First, the focus of hasn't changed. The Story Church Project is still very much about the optimisation of the local Adventist church. So, the premise of telling Adventisms beautiful story and redesigning our local churches to tell that story loud remains.

Second, the website has been simplified and cleaned up. This makes it easier for visitors to know what this project is all about. There is only one book in the book store now along with a blog and podcast. That's it!

Third, there is a new book currently being finalised. The current book in the store, "Why is Adventism so Weird?" is all about the story. The new soon-to-be-published book is titled "Story-Church" and its main focus will be how to redesign the local church to tell its story loud. It will include, practical step-by-step processes and strategies for local churches to implement as they seek to impact the world around them.

Other than that, keep your eyes out for new blog/ podcast content every Monday, subscribe to the mailing list (you can do that below) to be the first to know when cool stuff happens (plus I have a neat thank you gift all subscribers will get!) and follow me on any one of my social media spaces (below) so we can keep the conversation going!

Here's to telling the story,

Pastor Marcos