What is Church? with Pr. Kessia Reyne Bennett

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One of the first conversations I ever had related to the "church-sphere" was on the definition of church. It seems that this is the ground zero for everything else a person thinks about church. If you believe church is a sacred building, then everything else you do will flow from that including your definition of reverence, your picture of community and your priorities during the time that you occupy that space. If your definition of church is "a community or group of people" (the more biblical definition) then, likewise, your theological posture as it relates to church life will be influenced by that starting point.

For many years, I held to the second definition because it can actually be derived from scripture (unlike the first). However, just last week I sat down with pastor Kessia Reyne Bennett of the Collegeview Church (Union College) to discuss, "What is church?" and walked away from the conversation completely and totally amazed. It seems many of us have gotten it right in seeing church as community, but at least in my experience I also got it totally wrong. There is something profound that was missing from my definition of church. Something radical and redefining that Pr. Kessia unearthed. Needless to say, I walked away from our Skype chat with a richer and fuller picture of church and the beauty of God's heart.

Below is our conversation for this months Pomopastor Podcast Interview.