Do Adventists Stink at City Ministry?

In his recent Adventist Today article, “Do Adventists Understand Urban Ministry?” pastor Zack Payne wrote the following (among many other cool things):

Every time ministry to the cities is brought up in an Adventist context, the well-meaning saints come out of the woodwork with this or that Ellen White quote to the effect that yes, we can minister to the cities, but we’d better not live in them.
— Pastor Zack Payne

Zack then goes on to express how this model is faulty and doesn’t work in today’s urban context. And I agree! Are we contradicting Ellen White (things are getting spicy here!) or is there a side to this story that hasn’t been told?

The article was so insightful (you can read the whole thing here), that I decided I had to give Zack a call and interview him about his thoughts and experience as an urban pastor.

You can catch the whole interview below.

Let us know your thoughts!

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