Help! My Local Adventist Church Sucks (part 3)

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Welcome to part 3 of the 6 part series, “Help! My Local Adventist Church Sucks”. If you havent heard part 1 and 2, make sure to go here and hear them first.

In part 3, we are going to take a look at what it really means for a local Adventist church to redesign itself from the ground up.

But here is the crazy thing. In the last 5 years of investing in this journey I have found that the entire process for local church redesign begins with one simple but powerful question.

I want to make sure you get this. Im not talking about any old question.

This question, and the process it spawns, is seriously the secret weapon toward redesigning your local Adventist church for mission. I have used this one secret repeatedly to redesign youth groups and local churches over and over again. It is absolutely amazing!

And I reveal it all in this weeks podcast!

Check it out below:

PS. Download your free copy of the "Find your Heartbeat” PDF below! (Explained in the episode)


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Imagine a YouTube channel where millennials and postmoderns could explore the narrative of Adventism in language that makes sense to them?

One where they could send in questions and receive, not just surface answers but deep theological content?

A channel that teaches them how to understand the narrative of scripture, how to explain it to their secular/postmodern friends and how to apply it in every day life?

A channel that empowers Adventist millennials everywhere to be agents of change in our world?

But there’s more.

Imagine a brand new Bible study set designed to explore the 28 fundamental beliefs of our church with millennials, post-moderns and post-Christian culture?

A set designed to speak life into their worldview, values and interests while inviting them into a totally new experience in knowing God and living out his purpose?

And what if that set was tied into the YouTube channel above and provided extra insights, training and skills for youth who want to share God with their secular friends?

The Story Church Project wants to make all of this happen!

But there is a big obstacle.

Both of these projects will cost money that TSCP doesn’t have (designers, equipment, advertising etc).

So today, I am inviting you to consider joining TSCP in making these two projects (plus many others) possible by becoming a Story Church Project Patreon. For as little as $7 a month you can help me achieve the two projects above (plus other TSCP projects) and open the door for many other future innovations. And if you want to help me get the projects going faster, there are other tier options you can choose from as well.

What About a One Time Donation?
If you want to support the project but can't commit to be a monthly patron, you can donate via PayPal. Just send the donation to and specify in the comments exactly what you want the donation to go toward (Bible Study set, YouTube channel, or 'Whatever Helps' the project).

Alternatively, go to and purchase one of the eBooks! All the funds go toward expanding project and launching new future initiatives.

Looking forward to working together!

Pastor Marcos