Help! My Local Adventist Church Sucks (part 1)

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Is your local Adventist church dead?

Are you bleeding young people and scaring visitors away on a regular basis?

Does your community have no idea you exist as a church? Would they go on life-as-usual if your church suddenly closed down?

Then seriously, don’t miss out on the next 6 podcast episodes which will cover the absolute bottom line things you need to know to bring your church alive. Before you read that book, implement that strategy or make that change, trust me, you want to hear this first!

This six-part series is going to rock your world. You will either shout for joy that someone else is saying what you have been saying all along or you will be like, “boom! Mind-blown…!”


Make sure you share this with your church leaders, pastors and whoever else has a heart for redesigning the local Adventist church for mission. While this series doesn’t cover everything, it gives you the most solid foundation you need to get started.

Listen below!

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