Help! My Local Adventist Church Sucks (part 6)

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We have reached part 6 of the series, “Help! My Local Adventist Church Sucks”.

This is the final episode for this series. I truly hope it has been a blessing and has given you some awesome things to think about. Most of all, I hope it has provided you with a neat and simple process for redesigining your local Adventist church for mission.

If you haven’t heard the first 5 episodes, hear them first before listening to this one. You can find them here.

If you feel like you need more then don’t worry! The book “Story Church: How to Awaken Your Church’s Wolrd Changing Identity” is on its way and will be released later this year. This book will include the steps in our podcast series but will also fill in all the space in between and beyond providing you with the simplest and most comprehensive book for local Adventist churches to redesign for mission. Make sure you are subscribed to my newsletter to be the first to know when it releases (subscribers will also get a subscriber discount when the book releases). Subscribe here.

Now, onto our final episode. In this episode we wrap up the series by bringing it all together and asking the question, “What exactly is your church trying to do?”

This question, much like “Why does your church exist?” and “How will your church accomplish its mission?” is a church-transforming question. If you never ask it and explore it, your church will never thrive. But once you have asked it, it can open the door to some wild new horizons.

I explore that with you in our final ep. of the series today. Check it out below!

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