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Why I Will Be Partying on Halloween

Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

That's a pretty hotly debated topic. And its so hotly debated that we overlook something we should be celebrating on that same day:

The Reformation.

Yep. That's right. On October 31st, 500 years ago this year, a revolution began that would forever change the way people thought of and related to God. After nearly a thousand years of papal oppression, a monk by the name of Martin Luther stuck it to the man. He protested the abuses of the church and the lies it told about God. He risked everything so that people everywhere could discover, for the first time in over 1200 years, that salvation was a gift of God.

So I want to invite you this year, as you debate the Halloween debacle, to pause and remember that October 31st is a day to celebrate, but for a slightly different reason. It marks the day that the Protestant Reformation began. The day that a priest went "rogue" on the powers of his day. Because of his courage, today the world is filled with a picture of God that did not exist in his day. One that celebrates his love, goodness and grace. And it makes all the difference.

In honor of this amazing historic event, I would like to offer the following two eBooks free. They identify Adventism's place in the protest that Luther started and call us toward a deeper commitment to that protest which, in truth is not about us, but about God.

So I will be partying on Halloween, but I wont be celebrating the day of the dead. Instead, I'll be celebrating the day that the world was reminded that God is love.

Join me!