Why is the local Adventist church so dead?

And what if it’s possible to bring it back to life?

Years ago, I was preaching an evangelistic series at an SDA church. One of the members approached me and asked, “You know that other church across town?” (the non-Adventist one). I nodded. “If you want to get Jesus around here, that’s where you go” she said.


“You don’t go to the Adventist church. You go over there. That’s where you get Jesus.”

This left me wondering, If that’s where people go to get Jesus, what do they get when they come here?

My name is Marcos. I am an Adventist pastor with a passion for the local church. For years I read the best books as I searched for a solution to our deadness. In the end, I discovered that our problem is way simpler than methods and strategies. Our problem is a lack of Jesus.

But what if there was a way to make him the centre of everything again? And what if that experience is all we really need for our churches to come alive? In the eBook “Why is Adventism So Weird?” I will take you on a journey to the heart of Adventism unlike anything you have read before.

I promise you, this book will light you on fire.

And your church too.

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