Have you ever felt like Adventists are just plain dead?

You are not alone. Most of our local churches are youth-less, lifeless and irrelevant. And the worst part is, few church members seem to care.

But why?

In his new book “Why is Adventism so Weird?” pastor Marcos D. Torres suggests that the real foundation of our “deadness” is not a lack of business strategies, cool worship bands or trendy church buildings. Instead, he argues, the foundation of our spiritually myopic church culture is that we have collectively forgotten how eccentric the Adventist narrative is. Because it is there, in that “weirdness” of story, that we discover how relevant our voice is to the contemporary and emerging cultural consciousness.

This book is not about strategies and methods of growth. Written by a millennial pastor with a passion for youth, post-modern evangelism and the relevancy of the local church it’s pages unveil something infinitely more profound and revolutionary. The academic (with a touch of whimsical and sometimes sarcastic) approach will stop you dead in your tracks, confront you, question your assumptions, challenge your comfort zone and rekindle your passion. In the end, you will discover that its the simple story of God’s heart that alone has the power to transform your local church and breathe life into its presence.

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