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Weirdvolution: Adventism for a Post-Church Generation

Adventism is not an institution. It is a story. A story about the heart of God that our post-Christian society desperately needs to hear. In “Weirdvolution” we unpack the relevance of that story as we seek to redesign our churches to effectively communicate it’s beauty to the world.

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The Hole in Adventism: Making Total Sense of the Old & New Covenant

What if the message of Adventism was less about rules and more about grace? Less about religion and more about relationship? Less about us and more about him? In “The Hole In Adventism” you will discover a faith so rooted in Jesus you will never be the same.

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Heart-Beat: How to Redesign Your Local Adventist Church

Newsflash: We have been doing church revival completely wrong. Our pastors and members have done their best, and now we are exhausted, confused and no better than we were before. But the good news is that there is a right way to do give life to a church and its so simple, it will make you laugh.

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Church growth is dead.

As our world sinks further into secularism and the challenge of a very real post-church society, there emerges with it the demand for an altogether different kind of local church.

One that sees the streets as its pews.

One that sees the neighbors as its family.

One that thinks so big, no building on earth could contain it.

A church designed, not for the growth of a local non-profit house of worship but for kingdom impact.

A church designed, not for worship programs that cater to the saved, but for service that radically transforms its community and world.

A church designed, not for institutional maintenance but to tell a story in everything it says, plans and does.

Together, we can be that kind of church.

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