Adventism is the most beautiful story of God the world has ever known.

Now that's a bold statement, but hear me out.

Imagine a large bookcase full of novels and story books. Every book tells a different story but they are all trying to answer the same questions about life, God and meaning. People come and go to the bookcase because they want answers and they devour the books one after another.

Now imagine in that bookcase there is a book titled “The Narrative of Adventism”. What would that books purpose be? Would it have something meaningful to say? If not, why is it there? If it does, then what is it about that story that no other book on the shelf is saying?

In “Why is Adventism so Weird”, I am going to share with you the number one reason why Adventism is on that shelf and I am even going to suggest that our book is the most beautiful one there. And here is my promise: If you read this book you will discover why our story is so unique, relevant and breathtaking - exactly what our church and culture needs today. Click below to get your electronic copy!

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