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What if reaching the world was less like a program and more like a relationship? What if transforming lives for God’s kingdom was less like an institution and more like a community? And what if telling the world about Jesus was less like a campaign and more like a story?

In The Story Church Project’s signature book, pastor Marcos takes us on a step by step journey toward redesigning our local Adventist churches and transforming them into communities of faith that tell the story of God’s love both in what they say and what they do. If you are a pastor and church member who wants to revitalise your church to change the world but don’t know where to begin, this book is a must have.


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Weirdvolution: Adventism for a Post-Church Generation

Adventism is not an institution. It is a story. A story about the heart of God that our post-Christian society desperately needs to hear. In “Weirdvolution” we unpack the relevance of that story as we seek to redesign our churches to effectively communicate it’s beauty to the world.

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The Hole in Adventism: Making Total Sense of the Old & New Covenant

What if the message of Adventism was less about rules and more about grace? Less about religion and more about relationship? Less about us and more about him? In “The Hole In Adventism” you will discover a faith so rooted in Jesus you will never be the same.

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What if I told you we have been doing church revival completely wrong? Our pastors and members have bought into theories that have left us exhausted, confused and no better than we were before. But the good news is that there is a right way to do it and its so simple, it will make you laugh.