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Jesus Loves the Insignificant

photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video via photopin cc

“Two days later there was a wedding in the town of Cana in Galilee…” – John 2:1

And so the journey begins. Jesus is now a grown man. His mission is about to start. He has a group of followers (a rough bunch I might add) and a heart for mankind. Other than that, He has nothing. No house, no lawyer, no agent and no money. Just Him,  and a group of guys. How could He fail? Well, that’s not exactly true. He also had God on His side and billions of Angels ready to do whatever He asked. But nobody could see that. To the human eye it was just a group of rowdy characters and a wild man named Jesus. Then the invitation came. It was a wedding in the town of Cana. This was Jesus’ big chance to get some publicity. But there was only one problem. It was Cana.

This may not mean much to you because you don’t know Cana but let me try to explain. I grew up twenty minutes south of New York City (NYC) – one of the most famous cities in the world. People come from everywhere to check out Times Square, Manhattan, Ground Zero, Central Park and tons of other popular spots. If I was Jesus and I had just begun my ministry and I wanted people to follow me, I would go to NYC. It’s the perfect place to perform my first miracle. But Jesus didn’t go to NYC. Instead he went to a little insignificant town to a little insignificant wedding before what the world would consider little insignificant people. Didn’t anybody tell you? Jesus is wild. So wild in fact that He actually cares for the insignificant. And it was there in that obscure little town that Jesus performed his first miracle, not before Kings and celebrities, but before servants.

Maybe you feel like a hole in the corner some days. Nobody values you. Nobody praises you. When you needed that friend, that loved one the most, they let you down. Your life feels like a vase smashed to pieces on a cold hard floor. Meaningless. Trivial. Unimportant. Unnoticeable. Irrelevant. Worthless. Colorless. Insignificant.

So what do you do? You put on a mask. You try and pretend. Nobody knows it but you. On the surface you smile on the inside you bleed. You act as though you have it all together and do whatever you have to do to avoid reality. Your life is simple. Run. Sleep. Run. Its exhausting. You want it to stop but how? So you keep wandering through life looking for whatever fix that will get you though the day. The worst part? Nobody cares. But there is one. His name is Jesus. He cares for you. For the out cast. For the ostracized, the dispossessed, the evicted. For the used. Yes! Jesus cares for the insignificant. - Jesus the Wild, Day 1: