Hi! Pastor Marcos here. And I have some pretty cool news.

I believe in the big-red-bus principle.

Yep. That's my news. And in case you are horribly lost, let me explain in one sentence. If I was to get hit by a big-red-bus today, would everything I stood for continue? Or would it stop with me?

In other words, the big-red-bus principle is a leadership vision of passing on everything you know so that the work can continue long after you are gone. It's about training and equipping others. And because I believe in this principle, I want to train and equip as many leaders as I can. And while the courses offer a lot of that, I want to do something slightly crazier. I want to personally coach you in your journey as an Adventist leader (pastor, elder or whatever).

Coaching will become available as soon as the "Story Church Online Course" is released. However, I'm only one guy so the coaching option will only be available to 20 students per year. To secure a spot, subscribe to the Pomopastor Newsletter and go through the Church Optimizers Online Course. At the end of the course, you will receive the coaching registration invite. To get started, just click the button below!