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Weird. That was the word that flashed through my mind as I ordered my Veggie Burger from a local restaurant last Sunday. My wife and I were at the Chattanooga Market enjoying the peach festival and I was hungry. So I did the only logical thing one should do in such a scenario. I went and got a burger. A good burger I might add.

The guy who served me was odd and so was everyone else working at his booth. They were hippie, and while I have had many hippie-like friends I have never actually interacted with an all-out hippie. The experience was, well, interesting. Or should I simply say - weird. There was an aura of peculiarity that surrounded not only the vendors hair-due and fashion but also his social link. By social link I mean that connection you automatically establish with everyone you interact with. The connection is always there silently building a bridge between yourself and the other person. Sometimes the connection is good. You know straight away that you click with this person. At other times its terrible and you know straight away that its best to walk away. And then there are the times when its just plain weird.

As I stood there waiting for my sandwich a quote from the book Ministry of Health and Healing by SDA pioneer Ellen White entered my mind. It says:

The savior regards with infinite tenderness the souls whom He has purchased with His blood…. He looks upon them with unutterable longing.
I had just spoken with a weird guy. I looked to my right and saw an old short lady who was out of style. A man in his 50's with a mustache. Then another older gentleman wearing a bikers shirt. I looked at them, and others, and asked myself, "do I long for each of them with unutterable longing?" The answer was no. Truth be told, I would be perfectly content with never having a relationship with any of those people. And yet, Jesus longs for each of them. He longs for the weird hippie guy, the old out-of-style lady, the homeless, the poor, the addicts, the criminals and every other human being on planet earth. But not only does he long for them, he actually does so with a longing that is unutterable. In other words, it cannot be described, expressed, or defined. The longing that Jesus has for all of us is beyond human poetry and prose. That longing doesn't change depending on who you are and what you are like. It doesn't change if you sin a lot or of you sin a little. The love of Jesus doesn't depend on you. He doesn't love us if we love him. He loves us regardless. Genuinely.  Without condition. So while society may ignore you, you friends may betray you, and the world may seem against you there is always one who is for you, who loves you, and who longs for you with "unutterable longing." Jesus.