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The Cry of the Soul in Pop-Lyrics

I love music of all kinds including secular. I do have convictions and lines I don't cross, but generally speaking my musical selection is pretty diverse. In fact, my Pandora account has seen stations featuring Puerto Rican Jibaro music, Salsa, Celtic Woman, Classical Mozart, Fernando Ortega, Hillsong, CCM, Hymns, Gregorian Chant, The Lumineers, Capital Kings, Owl City, Classical Chinese, Frank Sinatra and nature sounds with music (to name a few). With such an eclectic musical taste I am bound to run into songs that help me, as a Christian, to peek behind the exterior facade of pop-culture and whenever that happens the experience is always both challenging and affirming.

Below are some of my favorite secular songs that help open that curtain to the hearts and minds of those whom, generally speaking, seem to have everything life has to offer and more. Some of these are a bit old and others are more contemporary but they are the tunes I have heard throughout my years that have helped ignite a love within me for my millennial/ secular culture. Give them a listen (don't be too fussed over the language at times) and pay close attention to the bigger picture. In these songs you will find confusion, hope, despair, joy and a search for a greater meaning all wrapped up in one. Some of them are about an inner search, others about social issues, relationships, and life but under the surface they are all rooted in the same soil - the soil of a temporal existence for which there appears to be no real meaning apart from the illusive and self-deceptive meaning we attempt to create for ourselves.

What do these songs reveal about the soul-thirst experienced by those around us. And rather than demonize the culture or run from it, what can we as Jesus-followers, do to influence the culture with his story of healing, redemption, and existential fulfillment?

Finally, what secular songs have you heard that reveal the longing and spiritual search of the culture? Share them below!

Songs recommended by comments:

The Things that Stop You Dreaming by Passenger (clean)
Show Me What I'm looking for by Carolina Liar
Some Nights by FUN (clean)
Beam Me Up by Pink
Timebomb by Pink
Iodine by Icon for Hire
Hurt by Johnny Cash